KDXN-FM The Mix 105.7 


Have you ever found yourself at work listening to the radio only to hear that same song. Again. You wish there was a station that played a bit of everything.

With KDXN-FM The Mix 105.7, you've found it.

Instead of playing the same songs over and over again we bring a mix of artists from Matchbox 20 and Madonna to Billy Joel and The Dave Mathews Band. Plus all the hits in between! The Mix 105.7’s wide variety of music and universal appeal will help you get through the workday, and make your weekends even better.

And others agree.

We first went on air in June 2010 and since then the response has been tremendous. We love to hear people tell us how they haven’t heard a song in a while and were happy we played it, or how nice it is to hear some new music mixed with songs they grew up with.

The best music. The best variety. The mix 105.7.

Listen now!